A lot of women are proud supporters of privacy, but not all are so respectful of their boyfriends' boundaries. Here's this week's most outrageous relationship red flag story from the editors of Loveawake blog.

The Story: "Not sure if it's a red flag but I personally find it quite strange ... ever since my girl moved in with me I no longer have possession of my phone since she is always holding it and checking everything on it (and since this is 2009 that means everything from text messages to Facebook). Worse, if I did use it and forgot to pass it back to her, she would find a way of grabbing it from me. "

In light of this flag, the ladies of The LBB suggest doing the following so you can better ward off possessiveness, suspicions and other sure-thing relationship-killers:

1. Never share email account passwords. Even if she swears she won't crack into your account whenever she feels like it -- she will. And she'll misinterpret pretty much every message you've sent and grill you about them.

2. Lock your phone with a password. Sure, it might look shady, but you're better off explaining why you're protecting your privacy than having to justify that random late-night text from your ex-girlfriend.

3. If you use her computer -- sign out of your accounts when you're finished. It's almost impossible to resist clicking the Facebook "Inbox" button when you've left yourself signed in on her laptop. While most girls have the good sense to log you out, not all do, so don't put temptation to the test.


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