While cuffin season started a while ago (though I'd imagine the entire concept gets lost and confusing in Los Angeles and Phoenix), there's a certain something in the air during holiday season that creates a desire to find love. My guess is that it doesn't even have to be permanent.

Nope, most of us just really like the idea of having somebody to care about during the month when its damn near mandatory to care about people.

And I'm all for that.

So here are a few tips to find you some seasonal love (that may or may not continue once Toys 'R Us and Bed, Bath, and Beyond return to normal store hours):

1. Realize that the mall is your oyster

Of course a significant portion of us are using the Internet nowadays to do our shopping. This is very smart. But that's only because it circumvents the process of standing in line with Honey Boo Boo's relatives. You ARE however missing out on the human interaction of people you didn't even know you needed to know. With all of the random people shopping - and not always for their boyfriends or girlfriends - you might just come across your Prince Charming in the American Girl store...a store, by the way, that scares the bejesus out of me.

2. Men want love too

Popular misconception is that us menfolks have hearts of steel. The truth is, we love having people to awkwardly buy terrible gifts for. Or buy great gifts for. We just like giving gifts to people we care about. Unless you are just an excellent gift giver, as a man, you are probably hesitant with the gifts you are giving to your lady friends. But that anxiety is actually proof of how much we may be into you because we want you to like what we got you because it took us a really long time because we racked our brains trying to think of it. With that in mind, ladies, realize that this might be the one time were creating a serendipitous meeting with a guy at the mall (see #1) can end up well and in your favor.

3. Smile a lot, you're on everybody's camera

While I understand why women hate advice that starts with "smile more...", the truth is it works. However, the holidays are the PERFECT time to test that theory out because its the most wonderful time of the year so there's lots of reasons to just be happy. Hell, whistle while you work if you'd like. Just try happiness and see what happens. Tell happiness that Panama sent you.

4. If you carry joy in your heart, it is contagious...

...and being contagious with joy brings all the boys to the yard. Or girls. Look, people like happy people so be one (see #3). Heck, I'm inclined to speak to happy people even if I never want to know their names. But that's how you find you some of that good seasonal love. You start with joy and love in your heart and that leads to the rest of what you desire.

Simple concepts but guaranteed to help you find that love you may be looking for. So go to the mall smile and strike up a convo with a stranger and let love do the rest.

It's the holidays... spread love (but strap up).


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